We provide solutions in social responsibility and sustainability through consulting, research and training and offer a variety of services to a diverse market including the private sector, government organizations, non-governmental organizations and development agencies.

Our solutions consider the organization in all areas of influence and impact, the marketplace, the workplace, the environment and the community.


CSR Strategy Development

Development and implementation of organizational polices and strategies for corporate social responsibility and sustainability;

Project Implementation & Evaluation

Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of CSR and sustainability projects;


Social Impact Assessments

Assessment and reporting on the social impact of private and public sector projects on various stakeholders

Stakeholder Engagements

Facilitation of both one on one and focus group stakeholder engagements to understand and prioritize relevant stakeholder concerns with respect to various private and public sector projects

CSR and Sustainability Assurance

Provision of assurance for CSR and Sustainability Reports in accordance with AA1000 Assurance Standard.


CSRSL conducts robust research in several areas of business and society including inclusive markets, the role of government in CSR, child-sensitive CSR.


Development of material and facilitation of training sessions in all areas of business and society.